You Must Try These 6 Food in Aomori, Japan

aomori is a prefecture in northern japan, and it houses beautiful towns and small nooks that provide a specific experience than tokyo, kyoto, or the united states’s different famous locations. if one thing makes aomori extra unique, it’s the meals, that’s exceptional due to the agricultural and fishing veins that run via the location. fabulous orchards, rice fields that frequently are used to create intricate visible artwork and literally the nice seafood within the global are a few matters that define aomori. so if you make the trek, those are the ought to-strive meals.

#1 Bluefin tuna

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bluefin tuna isn’t simply any tuna, it’s regarded because the great tuna in a rustic that already has an incomparable assortment of fresh seafood. stuck off the seashores of aomori, bluefin has a greater sensitive texture than any average tuna—it’s creamy, and the fat is so thinly marbled it seems combined with the beef itself. at some stage in an october pageant, oma splendid tuna competition, you can experience all things bluefin, from slicing demonstrations and tastings, to a massive seafood barbeque. tuna burgers and curry are famous, however not anything beats a easy training upon aomori rice.

#2 Rice or Sashimi Rice Bowl

additionally referred to as nokke-don, rice bowls are understandably popular in the agricultural location, which produces its honest share of rice. sashimi looks like the big name of the bowl, with tuna, squid, roe, salmon and all of the scrumptious matters we dream approximately from japan being alternatives for toppings at furukawa fish marketplace. but what’s visible as simply a base is what makes this dish very “aomori”. rice. aomori grows the satisfactory inside the nation because cool summers suggest fewer insecticides, and the grains are drenched in sunlight. natural water also performs a issue inside the great taste of this very unique version.

#3 Oden


oden is a sort of jap consolation stew, and it’s full of hearty vegetables, eggs and spongy fish cakes. what higher to heat up with on a cold iciness day, than a piping hot bowl of proper taste? but when on this prefecture, restaurants often upload a miso ginger spin, and it revamps the overall taste of the classic.

#4 Kenoshiru


kenoshiru is likewise a hot, stew-like deal with, with its name actually that means porridge. savory vegetables like daikon radish and carrots are finely chopped and abundantly paired with tofu, and different nearby plant-primarily based substances. kenoshiru is truly unique, as the veggies in aomori are so flavorful within the first place, they hardly ever want any seasoning in any respect. but toss them in a miso broth, and it’s magic.

#6 Scallops


sea scallops may be eaten fresh, as they may be wealthy and gratifying while finishing with an nearly buttery taste. but to strive them with a one-of-a-kind spin, pass for kaiyaki-miso, miso-marinated scallops cooked inside the shell with an egg. heartier than average sushi, it’s relatively of a consolation food.

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