6 Northern Lights Tours in Finland

In Finland, the Northern Lights, also known as “Fire Foxes”, can be seen around 200 nights of the years. The Lapland area is where folks go to snowshoe, hike or dog sled their way to some of the most unreal viewing points to see the colorful display. Some choose to bunk up in arctic treehouses or glass igloos to enjoy the lights. So if you’re coming to see this impressive phenomena, which is actually caused by the sun, these are great tours to book.

#1 Aurora Ice Floating in Rovaniemi

Aurora Ice Floating in Rovaniemi

Not likely what you’d imagined when seeing the northern lights, this outing takes guests out into icy waters, while wearing a dry suit of course. Float amongst the frosty terrain while gazing at the glowing green hues in the Finnish sky. A warm beverage awaits after the float, and transportation from Rovaniemi is included.

#2 Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari from Rovaniemi with Campfire Picnic

Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari from Rovaniemi with Campfire Picnic

Also departing from Rovaniemi, travelers get the thrill of zipping around in a snowmobile, on the way to prime viewing locations. Riding through the wilderness, there will be an opportunity to see glistening rivers and perhaps some wildlife. Socialize and indulge in makkara sausages over a toasty warm campfire after the three-hour adventure.

#3 Aurora Floating in Rovaniemi

Aurora Floating in Rovaniemi

Another float trip will take you to an arctic lake, where you’ll be bundled in a buoyant suit for hours of relaxing drifting. If timed right, the Aurora Borealis will give quite the show via a rainbow of lights shining over the trees. These floating excursions are extremely stress diffusing, as your body will almost feel weightless, while you seemingly drift into another world.

#4 Northern Lights Hunt from Rovaniemi with Folk Tales and Snacks over Campfire

Search of the Northern Lights by Snowmobile from Saariselkä

Just like camping when you were a kid, except you probably weren’t looking for one of the world’s most famed lights displays, you’ll huddle by a Finnish tent for an exciting two hour time frame. A crystal lake sets off to the side, slightly illuminated under the night sky. A campfire will be roaring, while the hosts prepare snacks and hot beverages over the flames. Legendary folk tales will be elaborated while guests gaze up toward the stars and lights.

#5 Northern Lights Flight from Rovaniemi

Northern Lights Flight from Rovaniemi

Sometimes, despite the best planning efforts, some might be leaving Finland without ever having caught a dream-worthy glimpse of the Northern Lights. Or maybe you got a peek, but just not what you were hoping for. By taking the air via plane, the chances of seeing the spectacle are much higher since the clouds are no longer an obstacle. Along the two and a half hour flight, you’re bound to see something amazing.

#6 Aurora Borealis Picnic in Rovaniemi

Aurora Borealis Picnic in Rovaniemi

It doesn’t get cozier than this hike through the rustic Lapland forests of Finland. Once settled, hosts will prepare a traditional picnic, and beverages to keep you warm. Then the lookout begins, for the jaw-dropping Aurora Borealis. Relish in true Finnish hospitality, snuggle up and pinch yourself, because this is real.

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