6 Amazing Things to Do in Ketchikan, Alaska

With a population of simply over 8,000 human beings and a place alongside the southeastern coastal cruise course, the town of ketchikan is a famous traveller vacation spot in alaska. this is a historical logging and fishing community with a waterfront setting and masses of possibilities for journey. the scenery here is stunning, with forests, lakes, waterfalls, and the shoreline. to get to realize this alaskan destination a piece higher, right here are a number of the pinnacle things to do when you visit.

#1 Visit Misty Fjords National Monument

Misty Fjords Reflections

One of the most beautiful places to see in the Ketchikan area is the Misty Fjords National Monument, which is about 22 miles from town. You’ll need to access the area by boat or seaplane, but the journey is worth it to see the huge park with its quiet bays, dramatic waterfalls, and towering cliffs. This area spans over 2.3 million acres and is part of Tongass National Forest. Guided tours are usually the best way to get the most out of your trip to Misty Fjords National Monument and see as much as possible.

#2 Go Salmon Fishing

River running through Creek Street in Ketchikan

ketchikan is regularly referred to as the ‘salmon capital of the arena’, so in case you revel in fishing, trying your good fortune with the local salmon is a should. there are fishing charters and excursions that you could book for your journey that departs from the knudson cove marina. this is a sportfishing paradise, and famous constitution options ultimate for 4, six, and 8 hours. any other way to embody the nearby salmon tradition is to visit the salmon marketplace to see the fish prepared in diverse approaches and to buy a variety of locally produced ingredients.

#3 View Amazing Wildlife

While some of these “things to do” require advance planning and cost admission fees, other experiences don’t cost a thing except for maybe a bit of your patience. Ketchikan is an amazing place to view wildlife and marvel at the natural power of wild animals. For example, there is a large bald eagle population here that is drawn to the local salmon. Ketchikan is sometimes called the ‘Eagle Capital of America’, so slow down the pace of your travel and try to view some for yourself.

#4 Experience the Historic Boardwalk of Creek Street

Credit: © Sorin Colac | Dreamstime.com

Creek avenue became in which fishermen and loggers used to work, however nowadays, it’s miles a vacationer hub lined with art galleries, restaurants, and shops. it is effortlessly available from the cruise ship drop-off spot and also the downtown location. dolly’s house museum is here and really worth checking out to find out about the famous “purple mild district” madam, dolly arthur. the colorful homes here are so picturesque, so bringing your camera along is critical.

#5 See Totem Poles in Saxman Village

Credit: © Alex Grichenko | Dreamstime.com

many vacationers need to study the way of life of the vicinity once they go to ketchikan due to the fact the vicinity has many totem poles which have been superbly carved. a great place to start your exploration of tlingit way of life is at saxman village multiple miles south of town. right here you’ll find many totem poles and also find out about the carvings, native art, dances, and songs. you may explore the sights in your very own or as a part of a guided tour. take these instructions one step in addition by means of traveling the totem historical past center toward downtown to look many extra totems that date returned to the 19th century. different extremely good locations to learn about totems and tradition are the southeast alaska discovery center in the downtown region and totem bight kingdom park.

#6 Walk Around Historic Ketchikan

Credit: © Alex Grichenko | Dreamstime.com

There is a lot to see and do in downtown Ketchikan, which is why self-guided walking tours are highly recommended. You can go on a downtown walking tour in about two hours or a waterfront walking tour that takes a little longer. Check-in with the Ketchikan Visitor’s Center for a map and walking tour routes. Stops on the routes include the Totem Heritage Center, City Park of Ketchikan, and Deer Mountain Tribal Hatchery.

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